Tops Casino Basement Key

Reachable from Bennys secret express elevator in the Tops Casino. Aces Theater entrance.

5 Elevator to sub-basement 6 Possible bug 7 Hostile, get back in?. Right next to the cashier is the entrance to the Aces theater.New Vegas Guide Share Setting the Stage The Lucky 38 and The Tops Important Items in This Area Golden Gloves Mysterious Magnum Snow Globe - Hoover Dam Snow Globe - Test Site Warning:Current visibility: Hidden This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator.Ranch State Park  · Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarters  · The Basincreek Building  · The Devil's Gullet  · The Devil's Throat  · seven clans casino in thief river falls mn The Pro's Den  · The Thorn  · Toxic dump site  · Tribal village  · Walking Box Cavern  · West pump station  · Whittaker Farmstead  · Wolfhorn Ranch  · Wrecked Highwayman  · Yangtze Memorial Mojave Wasteland unmarked locations Abandoned home  · Abandoned shack  · Abandoned warehouse  · Bitter Springs cemetery  · Bootjack Cavern  · Camp Guardian cave  · Camp Guardian caves  · Carlyle St.Things changed in 2274, when House detected the first tops casino basement key NCR forces at Hoover Dam.Sub-basementThe wall that circles the courtyard is not present on the Strip.

It sound Where can I find the key to lucky 38's SUB-BASEMENT?

  • The casino is loosely inspired by The Sands Hotel and Casino, frequented by The Rat Pack:
  • An improved .44 Magnum Revolver, the Mysterious Magnum deals a bit more damage per shot, but fires much faster than the standard .44 Magnum Revolver, resulting in a much, much higher DPS.
  • It holds the workshop where Yes Man was conceived by Benny and Emily Ortal .
  • Unused quest stages of VMQTops were originally to be used if Benny escaped, which include the line "Benny has > Xbox 360 Retail Games > RPG > Fallout:
  • [10] Most importantly, the legendary Aces Theater was brought back to life by Tommy Torini, giving a venue for talents from all over the wasteland to perform.
  • BackgroundEditThe tribe moved to Vegas and began renovating the Tops, bringing it back to life.
  • Notable loot[ edit | edit source ] Salesman Weekly :
  • [4] The future Chairmen, the Boot Riders, were approached east of Vegas by a Securitron.House’s employees robbed him, and it’s time for you to finish the job you started so long ago.