Dare To Be Brilliant! Campaign

With the stigma against excellence having an increasing impact on students' results and aspirations, AEI has launched a unique initiative to counter this "Tall Poppy Syndrome"; an initiative designed to revolutionise the way excellence is perceived, facilitated and rewarded.

. . . Introducing AEI's 'Dare To Be Brilliant' Campaign:

AEI has officially launched its ‘Dare To Be Brilliant’ Campaign, designed to inspire students and professionals to excel. For too long, a stigma against excellence, aspiration, and the drive for brilliance has plagued our student and professional communities. So, it’s time for a change! It’s time to destigmatize excellence and reward achievement!

So, What Does the Campaign Involve?

For more information, contact the Dare To Be Brilliant Campaign team at dtbb@alpertenterprisesinternational.com


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'Dare To Be Brilliant' 
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