About Our Research & Development Sector

Welcome to Alpert Enterprises International. At AEI, we dare to be agents of change.  For too long, the stigma against excellence, against aspiration, against the drive for brilliance has plagued our student and professional communities. Our Research and Development sector has thus been established to revolutionise the way excellence is perceived, cultivated and rewarded; in essence, to conquer the stigma against excellence.

AEI’s Research and Development sector is home to a highly collaborative cadre of individuals, dedicated to facilitating, promoting and celebrating excellence. AEI is conducting a two level systematic study of community attitudes towards excellence: Firstly, to investigate the source and extent of Tall Poppy Syndrome within the Australian community; secondly, to develop and implement a campaign to counteract this stigma against excellence.

It’s time for a change. It’s time to think beyond conformity, beyond the status quo . . . beyond aspiring to mediocrity. With campaigns to counter the stigma against excellence, a technology development sector dedicated to revolutionising reward and a think tank conducting independent research and specialist advocacy, AEI’s Research and Development sector is truly committed to proactive groundbreaking work in the pursuit of excellence.

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