Director's Message: Pegasus Program

Welcome to Alpert Enterprises International!

At AEI, we are here to help you. Do you love learning? Are there subjects, topics, issues, or professions that give you a little rush of adrenaline when you think about them? Are you the kind of person who strives for success? Then our special Pegasus Student Program has something for you.

We want to make sure that, as students, you have the means to excel in any area you are passionate about. We want to make sure that you are able to network with successful professionals, who can give you great insights into different professions and advice about the pathways to success. And of course we want to make sure that your efforts, your creativity, your excellence are rewarded.

So, firstly, we run workshops, competitions and networking events for school age students (primary and secondary) that not only help you improve your knowledge and skills, but also encourage you to be the best you can. We run four day workshops in each school holiday period on lots of exciting subject areas. We also run workshops on weekends, so you can improve your skills in the areas of English, Mathematics or Science. At AEI, our workshop presenters have been chosen, because they know how to make learning exciting for you. So, we can guarantee you’ll have a good time!

But let’s talk rewards! We understand how important it is to be recognised and rewarded when you  do something awesome, when you create something ingenious, when you  present something that is truly great! So, strive for excellence . . . and, with AEI, you will be rewarded. Our competitions not only get you the usual fancy certificate for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (which comes in handy for your future resumes): We also offer publicity and cash prizes, ranging from $100 to $500 to the winner of each competition.

Let’s get real though: We know it’s not easy trying to be succcessful. It’s not easy trying to be the best. At Alpert Enterprises International, as high achievers ourselves, we understand the challenges that accompany the journey towards excellence, innovation, and success.  We see the barriers that might seem unbreakable. And we spare no effort in helping you conquer the challenges on the path to excellence. Our mission is to help you reach greater heights and make sure you are rewarded and celebrated for your achievements.

We know how important it is to feel supported. At AEI, we are on your side! Going into battle to make sure your needs are met on the road to excellence, innovation and success: That’s what we do. It’s what we love. To help you feel supported, we’ve even created a membership-based community, open to any individuals, families and organisations who share our vision of excellence; people who are facing challenges on the path to success just like you or are dedicated to helping your dreams become a reality. So, give yourself a leg up by becoming an AEI member. Membership Information is available under “Students” or by clicking on the Join Now button at the top of any webpage.

We are here breaking down the barriers, so you can boldly chase the voice inside that strives for greatness. We are here working with you, for you, and through you to champion excellence, innovation and success. So, join the AEI community, be a part of our Pegasus Student Program, and dare to be brilliant!

…and check out our official magazine just for Year 7-12 students: ASCENDI, where we aim to inspire you to aspire. Read about our one on one interviews with famous successful professionals, student success stories, upcoming events and competitions, our dress for success tips, how to improve your study-life balance, and more…


Katherine Alpert (BA, MLitt, GradDipLearn&Teach)
Director, Alpert Enterprises International