About Our Pegasus Student Program

Welcome to Alpert Enterprises International!

Our Pegasus Student Program is designed to give students the means to excel in any area they are passionate about. As an opportunity provider service, AEI has established programs to facilitate, promote and celebrate excellence amongst school age students and post-secondary students.

AEI runs workshops, competitions and networking events for school age students (primary and secondary) and for post-secondary students, which not only help improve knowledge and skills, but also encourage students to be the best they can.

We operate as a community with a shared vision: To ensure that students and professionals are given opportunities to reach greater heights and are rewarded for their achievements. Consequently, we have a membership program with categories to suit students, families, and professionals. Become an AEI member today and you’ll receive significant discounts on AEI programs, free subscription to AEI’s ASCENDI Magazine, access to members-only opportunities and forums, and connections with successful professionals to give you that crucial advantage in the journey towards excellence, innovation and success.

If you are a student, a parent or a teacher, have a look online at the options available as part of our Pegasus Student Program, for students who are highly motivated, keen to succeed or trying to achieve excellence. AEI members also have the special option to book a complimentary consultation with Director Katherine Alpert. To Parents: We will sit down with you and your child to develop an individualized excellence program and discover what AEI programs and external opportunities would be best suited to helping your child reach their goals. To book your session, contact AEI’s Director at

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