Consultancy Packages

AEI’s Inspire Program for Educators is a sector of AEI dedicated solely to helping schools enhance their excellence programs for highly motivated students, giving teachers avenues to engage in intellectually and financially rewarding teaching opportunities outside the curriculum, and cultivating and rewarding excellence amongst educators.

AEI offers consultancy packages and a membership program to schools as part of this facet of the Inspire Program. Schools and educators are able to book a complimentary consultation with Director Katherine Alpert, to find out what we can do for your school. To book your session, contact AEI’s Director at


Our consultancy package includes:

  • A report on your school’s existing excellence programs and potential for development;
  • A 90 minute Professional Development session with your staff on an inclusive whole-school approach to Gifted and Talented Education and how to implement this model in your school;
  • Meetings with Heads of Department to discuss opportunities for differentiation;
  • Meetings with Heads of Year and Counselling staff to discuss opportunities for emotional support and pastoral care programs for high potential students; and
  • Creation of a Gifted and Talented Policy Document, which aligns with your school’s existing policies and infrastructure.
  • Additional: Workshops on identification strategies, talent development programs, curriculum differentiation, compacted curriculum and support programs

With AEI, develop a strong vision for an inclusive Gifted and Talented Program in your school and real strategies for bringing that vision to life!