About Our Inspire Program for Educators

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At AEI, we believe in facilitating, promoting and celebrating excellence. AEI’s Inspire Program for Educators is a sector of AEI dedicated solely to helping schools enhance their excellence programs for highly motivated students, giving teachers avenues to engage in intellectually and financially rewarding teaching opportunities outside the curriculum, and cultivating and rewarding excellence amongst educators.

AEI’s Inspire Program for Educators is designed to assist schools in enhancing their excellence programs for highly motivated students. AEI offers consultancy packages and a membership program to schools as part of this facet of the Inspire Program.

Our Program also gives teachers multiple avenues to be engaged in intellectually and financially rewarding teaching opportunities beyond the traditional curriculum. As such, we run conferences for teachers, award bursaries to educators as part of AEI’s Excellence in Education Awards, and we encourage innovative, skilled, and enthusiastic teachers to join our team of professionals, as workshop presenters and AEI Think Tank members.

At AEI, we are strong believers in rewarding professionals, who are striving to excel in their work, seeking to make unique and innovative contributions to their profession, and embracing new opportunities. As such, we endeavor to provide strong financial incentives for professionals joining our team.

As AEI operates as a community with a shared vision for excellence, we have a membership program with special categories and benefits for educational institutions and for educators. Become an AEI member today and you’ll receive significant discounts on AEI conferences and consultancy fees, free subscription to AEI’s ASCENDI Magazine, access to members-only opportunities and forums, and connections with other schools, tertiary institutions and organizations committed to the pursuit of excellence.

If you are a teacher or represent an educational institution, have a look online at the options available as part of our Inspire Program for Educators, our Pegasus Student Program, and our Research and Development Programs. Schools and educators are able to book a complimentary consultation with Director Katherine Alpert, to find out what we can do for you or your school. To book your session, contact AEI’s Director at director@alpertenterprisesinternational.com.

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