What is Advocacy?

A large component of the work performed by Alpert Enterprises International belongs to the world of advocacy. In essence, advocacy covers all forms of pleading a cause.

Social advocacy has come to mean the following:

“Functioning (speaking, acting, writing) with minimum conflict of interest on behalf of the sincerely perceived interests of a person or group, in order to promote, protect or defend the welfare of, and justice for, either individuals or groups, in a fashion which strives to be emphatic and vigorous”. (1)

What are the forms of advocacy?

Individual Advocacy Arrow right - green background screen shot - CopyAdvocacy concentrated on one or more specific people;

Arrow right - green background screen shot - CopyStanding up for the rights and needs of specific individuals;

Arrow right - green background screen shot - CopyUsually carried out by:

  • Friends
  • Relatives
  • Community based organisations
  • Citizen advocates
Systems Advocacy Arrow right - green background screen shot - CopyAdvocacy concerned with changing a system in order to benefit a specific group who is disadvantaged or marginalised;

Arrow right - green background screen shot - CopyAdvocacy work designed to change:

  • Policy
  • Legislation
  • Community Attitudes
  • Social Behavior

What does advocacy work involve?

  • Speaking out about the need for change
  • Helping specific individuals overcome marginalisation or disadvantage
  • Collaborating with stakeholders
  • Lobbying
  • Publishing research
  • Conducting campaigns to change community attitudes
  • Propose solutions

How does AEI’s work constitute advocacy?

Our cause: The celebration of excellence and support of those who pursue excellence.

While social advocacy traditionally pertains to disadvantaged groups, our definition of social advocacy is inclusive of the marginalised. Due to the widespread nature of a stigma against excellence, those who pursue or achieve excellence are too often marginalised and their needs remain ignored. Consequently, AEI is working to promote, protect and defend the welfare and the justice of highly motivated individuals striving for excellence.

AEI: Supporting You On The Road to Excellence

  • Ensuring you are given the opportunity to extend yourself in a schooling context
  • Creating mentoring opportunities for you with successful professionals
  • Working with your school to create an individualised extension program for you
  • Creating pathways for you to reach your goals
  • Rewarding your achievements

AEI: Agents of Change Promoting & Celebrating Excellence

  • AEI’s Dare To Be Brilliant campaign to inspire & celebrate excellence
  • Conquering the stigma against excellence
  • Collaborating with educational institutions to implement an inclusive model of Gifted & Talented Education
  • Influencing legislation and policy
  • Changing community attitudes

1. Professor Wolfensberger, Adelaide 1992, in Cross J & Zeni L (1993) Safeguarding Advocacy for People with Disabilities in Australia, Disability Advisory Council of Australia.