Specialty: Gifted and Talented Education


At Alpert Enterprises International, we specialise in the cultivation of Gifted and Talented Education programs in a schooling context. We strongly believe that schools have a duty to fulfil the needs of every student. Consequently, every school has an obligation to cater for the needs of students, who are highly motivated or demonstrate a high level of ability or potential.

Our involvement in the Gifted and Talented Education arena extends to both an individual and systematic level. In order to promote a holistic and inclusive whole-school approach to Gifted and Talented Education in schools, we work with students and families, schools and universities, and decision-making bodies.

Our advocacy work in the area of Gifted and Talented Education occurs through:

  • Supporting individual students and their families
  • Supporting schools in the development of an existing Gifted and Talented Program
  • Supporting schools in the introduction of a Gifted and Talented Program
  • Lobbying legislative and decision-making bodies
  • Changing community attitudes towards Gifted and Talented Education

The Alpert Model of Gifted and Talented Education in a Schooling Context uses a six-part approach, in order to ensure:

  • Students with a high level of motivation and potential are catered for;
  • Students demonstrating talent and high levels of ability are catered for;
  • All needs of the students involved are met through a holistic approach;
  • Socio-emotional wellbeing is considered;
  • Proper follow-through in care occurs over the course of a student’s schooling;
  • Ongoing maintenance and evaluation of individualised education programs occurs;
  • A school’s Gifted and Talented Program is in line with the school’s policies and existing infrastructure


AEI: Supporting You On The Road to Excellence

  • Ensuring you are given the opportunity to extend yourself in a schooling context
  • Creating mentoring opportunities for you with successful professionals
  • Working with your school to create an individualised extension program for you
  • Creating pathways for you to reach your goals
  • Rewarding your achievements

AEI: Agents of Change Promoting & Celebrating Excellence

  • AEI’s Dare To Be Brilliant campaign to inspire & celebrate excellence
  • Conquering the stigma against excellence
  • Collaborating with educational institutions to implement an inclusive model of Gifted & Talented Education
  • Influencing legislation and policy
  • Changing community attitudes

AEI's Conference on Gifted and Talented Education:

Members of the education profession are invited to attend AEI’s annual two-day state conference on Gifted and Talented Education, "Rethinking Gifted and Talented Education", on November 3-4, 2016. Learn about AEI’s six-part model for a whole-school approach to Gifted and Talented Education and how to implement this model in your school. With workshops on developing policy documents, identification strategies, talent development programs, curriculum differentiation, compacted curriculum and support programs, you’ll come away with a new vision for G&T in your school and real strategies for bringing that vision to life.

Registrations are now open for AEI's Conference on Gifted and Talented Education. 

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