About Our Advocacy Sector

At AEI, we are on your side!

Going into battle to make sure your needs are met on the road to excellence, innovation and success: That’s what we do. It’s what we are passionate about.

At AEI, our advocacy work extends to both individual and systems advocacy. We work with highly motivated individuals, such as students, families and teachers, to help you reach your goals, to advocate for your rights and your needs, and to ensure your achievments are rewarded and celebrated. Furthermore, our work extends to a broader level with initiatives designed to change the way excellence is cultivated, percevied and rewarded: Hence, AEI's 'Dare To Be Brilliant' Campaign, designed to inspire students and professionals to excel!

In addition to our broader advocacy work for highly motivated students and professionals, we specialise in advocacy regarding Gifted and Talented Education Programs and the needs of students in the gifted and talented range of the ability spectrum.

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