Our Director

Katherine Alpert is the founder of Alpert Enterprises International and brings a wealth of experience in education and excellence programs to the scene. At the age of 20, Katherine founded the first school-based centre for gifted and talented education in Australia, at St Laurence’s College. As Director of the Centre from 2011-2015, her work was at the forefront of educational initiatives in Gifted and Talented Education, championing a uniquely inclusive approach, which focused on talent development and promoted the idea that any student motivated to learn can be involved in gifted and talented education programs. With a special focus on advocacy and philosophy programs in gifted and talented education, Katherine’s holistic approach is renowned for facilitating the growth of strong, empowered students with a social conscience and an unwavering commitment and ability to leave their own indelible imprint on the world around them. Her approach has been celebrated by Oxford University academics as well as numerous ECOSOC-accredited NGOs.

Katherine has extensive personal experience in the field of excellence programs, having graduated high school and commenced university studies at the age of eleven. By the age of seventeen, Katherine had completed her Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree as well as an extensive research project on the impact of immigration on Queensland’s socio-cultural, economic and political development. With a strong interest in education, Katherine subsequently completed a Graduate Diploma of Learning and Teaching, becoming the youngest person to achieve registration with the Queensland College of Teachers. In her second year of teaching, she was employed in a leadership position, running the Gifted and Talented Program at a Brisbane school and subsequently serving as Head of Department.

Katherine is strongly aware of the struggles faced by high achievers, not only in meeting their own expectations, but in overcoming the challenges on the journey towards success. Furthermore, as one who has battled ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ and the stigma against excellence, she is a passionate advocate of talent development, innovation and achievement. With her entrepreneurial spirit and community minded nature, Katherine has founded Alpert Enterprises International in order to advocate for high achievers, help them through the challenges they face on the path to success, and revolutionise the way we perceive achievement, excellence and reward.