Director's Welcome

Welcome to Alpert Enterprises International. At AEI, we dare to be agents of change. For too long, the stigma against excellence, against aspiration, against the drive for brilliance has plagued our student and professional communities. It’s time for a change. It’s time to think beyond conformity, beyond the status quo . . . beyond aspiring to mediocrity. Dare to be brilliant!

At Alpert Enterprises International, as high achievers ourselves, we understand the challenges that accompany the journey towards excellence, innovation, and success. We see the barriers that might seem impenetrable. And we spare no effort in not only helping you conquer the challenges on the path to excellence but indeed in conquering the stigma against excellence itself. Our mission: To facilitate, promote and celebrate excellence. With AEI, reach greater heights and be rewarded for your achievements.

With this central mission as its driving force, AEI is designed to be a multidimensional entity: Think tank and opportunity provider. As a think tank, our Research and Development Programs and our Advocacy work are designed to revolutionise the way excellence is perceived, cultivated and rewarded. Campaigns to counter the stigma against excellence, technological innovations to incentivise achievement; advocates dedicated to standing up for your rights and your needs: It all starts with AEI. Complementing our work as a think tank dedicated to excellence, AEI also operates as an opportunity provider service, targeting students and educators. Our Pegasus Student Program is designed to cultivate excellence amongst students, through workshops, networking events, and competitions; while conferences, consultancy packages and excellence awards drive excellence and innovation amongst educators.

With the concept of community as one of our core values, we operate a membership system, tailored to individuals, families and institutions/organisations. Being a member not only grants significant benefits; it shows that you applaud a mission to facilitate, promote and celebrate excellence; that you too hold in high esteem a vision where students and professionals can reach greater heights and be celebrated for their achievements.

AEI is on your side! We are here breaking down the barriers, so you can boldly chase the voice inside that strives for greatness. We are here working with you, for you, and through you to champion excellence, innovation and success. So, join the AEI community and dare to be brilliant!

Katherine Alpert (BA, MLitt, GradDipLearn&Teach)
Director, Alpert Enterprises International