AEI Rebranding Gifted and Talented Education

It’s time to rethink Gifted and Talented Education! Long gone are the days when gifted education just referred to your top 5% of each year level or your “A” students. Gifted and Talented Education (commonly known as G&T in the teaching profession) is now just as much about creating “giftedness” and turning potential into talent, as it is about fulfilling the needs of students already demonstrating the attributes of a “gifted” student. We need to be targeting highly motivated students in our G&T Programs, not just high ability students.

Abominable as it is, the mantra still flies in the education circle that if you aren’t good at everything, you shouldn’t bother trying to be good at anything. Furthermore, kids still feel like there is a stigma against wanting to achieve; against the drive for excellence. Teachers say their students are encouraged to aspire to mediocrity. If we have such low expectations of our students, should we be surprised when they only achieve mediocre results…when they become too afraid to try to succeed?

We need to be telling our students: It’s okay to want to be good at what you do! We will support you on your journey towards excellence!

It’s time to rethink and rebrand Gifted and Talented Education

  • Expand who is targeted in these programs
  • Cut out the stigma against G&T Programs
  • Help our students become more well-rounded and socially aware human beings through diverse G&T Programs

There should be a place for every motivated student in a school’s Gifted and Talented Programs!

G&T Programs in schools need to be all-encompassing:

  • Inclusive: Catering for highly motivated students and high ability students
  • Holistic: Catering for the intellectual, emotional and social needs of students
  • Whole-school: Catering for proper follow-through across curriculum areas and year levels

Hence, the need for The Alpert Model of Gifted and Talented Education in a Schooling Context . . .




This six-part model entails the establishment of:

  1. Gifted and Talented Policy Document
  2. Identification Procedures
  3. Talent Development Programs
  4. Curriculum Differentiation
  5. Compacted Curriculum Opportunities
  6. Support Structures







It’s time to rethink Gifted and Talented Education! Make your G&T Programs more inclusive, more holistic, and more whole-school . . . and see the difference in your cohort.

AEI's Conference on Gifted and Talented Education:

Members of the education profession are invited to attend AEI’s annual two-day state conference on Gifted and Talented Education, "Rethinking Gifted and Talented Education", on November 3-4, 2016. Learn about AEI’s six-part model for a whole-school approach to Gifted and Talented Education and how to implement this model in your school. With workshops on developing policy documents, identification strategies, talent development programs, curriculum differentiation, compacted curriculum and support programs, you’ll come away with a new vision for G&T in your school and real strategies for bringing that vision to life.

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