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I am still paying 411. Child support renders a man in many cases unable to support his current family at the exspense of the old one. Who cares what you think. Good luck to you and ignore the haters!

We searched to find her. To make a long story short, she began not letting me see the kids when we agreed and would make it difficult for me to speak to them on the phone putting time limits on our conversations and things of the sort. They already had regular DS game systems. Sherlock Holmes Quote   On this page are some of the most famous and perhaps not so famous quotes from the Sherlock Holmes short stories and books as written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I took a job as a cab driver I do not make as much as i did at my last job i have no proof of in come there for they will not give me a modification and they suspended my dl what can i do i was sending half of what they where asking for pete R.

You should not place all of the blame on the other woman, as he is partially responsible too. She and I are going back to court and shes going to be in for a surprise when CS gets lowered. Hack Ftp User & Pass ?

Travis Wright I was in a state of dilemma when i suspected wife of cheating on me, as she was always coming home late and mostly running out of our bed room to make or recieve calls. He made it seem he had it all under control. He says Im crazy and jealous acting. james hi, i need some help i hope i can find it here well i pay 2,000 per month in childsupport for my 3 kids plus $600 for alimony in total 2,600 dollars per month but is not just that i also pay the debts we gain with my ex,i agreed with this amount 3 years ago because i didnt think about my future, now i remarried and my income have changed now i am making less money because i change my job, i want to go to court to see if i can decrease the childsupport and alimony i dont know if i have possibilities to win the case i wanna discount 800 dollars of the total amount i give every month and i wanna ask for my ex to pay some bills also because she doesnt pay for anything. C.

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Im in MS and he is in LA. dont forget to thank me later akhil ajay USERNAME Vikky Stark Victoria Hudson not advertising but lordmarcus. So I email her what is going on, she gets upset about trust and is angry with me. His wife makes more than him, they live a very lavish life.

Good luck! PLEASE! Wiil a judge make me pay them even after they are in violation of the court order and did not notify me when they were supposed to? Do I have to write down on my divorce agreement that I have the right to seek child support modification anytime? No doubt humans are stupid but Im shaming noone just responding to your ignorant assumption that I dont have my children 100% of the time or am incapable of caring for them without my mother simply because Im a man.

Kay I am from Tennessee, and I am paying $280 a month for one child. I thought they would have to stop collecting on the current support if she signed this letter and only continue to collect on the arrears. He likes to be needed. Now he tells me that he will file for joint custody I believe to reduce his payments. You may be the new wife/girlfriend but you are basing you OPINION off of what the dad is telling you!

We lived a higher lifestyle and decided to allow the children Top 10 Period Tracking App (who live with me) to continue living the same lifestyle so the child support is greater than it could be. But the court would not lower his 2k a month in Cs.

The order terminates on its own next month but we are still out 8 months of money that went to her. Ive raised a 19 yr old who is excelling in college and I have a 6yr old kindergartner who has reading and math with 2nd graders.

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He hacked for me and I got what I wanted. eric Vlad Bogdan is simply a genius. Jennifer You appear perturbed about your ex not paying his court ordered support. Kim Can you request a modification in your support if the child is no longer in daycare on a full time basis? later that month he did not come again and he called me that he want a divorce, I asked him what have i done wrong to deserve this from him, all he was saying that he want a divorce and that he hates me and do not want to see me again in his life, i was mad and also frustrated do not know what to do,i was sick for more than 2 weeks New Android Monitoring Software Network because of the divorce. I cant even start another relationship because I cant afford to go out.

I love him so much he was everything to me without him my life is incomplete. Nique How often can u file for a child support reduction the state of louisiana? And it seems most are only hard up for the money because they want to be.

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I dont want to give it away, but basically its a movie about the power of prayer. Life is not fair but hell since Ive been single I couldnt be happier.