Can I Read Your Boyfriend's Facebook Messages

So, keep asking for the phones return and for an explanation about why its being held. Its up to the court and based, in part, on your record. Usually, if the state can show probable cause that the records are evidence of criminal activity or a piece of the puzzle in gathering evidence of a crime, a court will issue a search and seizure warrant for the records or a subpoena will be served on the phone company or carrier. I feel incredibly lucky to find Eddies website, and to be able to read his words every day. If it takes removal of the password to access information on the phone, youre likely to be asked to remove or provide the password.

So, if they read messages that support your involvement with drugs, whether its selling, buying, transporting etc. Dear Dena: Is There Any Better Way to Monitor My Husband With His Smartphone

Recomended to all my friends, will buy again for sure. I did however decide to take a break from Facebook completely for 90 days. They seized his phone and searched it illegally and has charged him with lewd act on his wifes 12 year child. When I saw her doing it I said, hey hey hey, with all dew respect I dont believe you can do that she replied by saying shut up! Your student handbook may have a policy about cell phones – take a look at it.

Its so hard to trust ones own judgement after a breakup. i want to report this to him. Dear Bryce: Reading text messages on cell phones Top Best New Ways to Check My Childs Cell is becoming standard around the country and is sometimes challenged in court.

 When the time is right i would approach him tell him that his behaviour towards his ex is making you unhappy and ask that he stops doing this, ask how he would feel if the boot was on the other foot. When the police are investigating a crime they have the authority to collect evidence. The law of search and seizure under the Fourth Amendment is developing as we speak. He did everything a guy in love would do.

 It is a doomed relationship and youre both to blame. I feel like I am erasing him from my life – and I dont want to lose this amazing person. and now the police has my cell. Dear Tai:

It depends on the nature of their investigation, if its ongoing, and the basis for the action they took. I told him off and stopped speaking to him.

) Mrcardenas January 20, 2:08 pm count( 88 ) I got called in to speak with a investigating cop who had received acusations of me distributing pain pills to another individual(the accuser). I dont know if it will ever get better unless I meet someone else I love!

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Teresa Bradford: He may not be arrested but he could receive a notice in the mail to appear in court if formal charges are filed. Kenny Robinson September 3, 5:52 am count( 235 ) my iPhone was stolen by armed robbery and the police got it back and took it under investigation. Ive fallen into the trap of trying to find fault with new gfs pictures. If youre charged with a crime and this becomes an issue, discuss it with your lawyer.

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Look after you. Its going to depend on the circumstances which resulted in the police having possession/access to a persons phone (was the person arrested, etc. Dear Jordan: ! you started off your comment by stating, My boyfriend of a year and a half broke up with me about two weeks ago.